Meet Flynn!

We're stoked to welcome Flynn Grey to the Twill Outdoors team! 

Flynn represents half of the brains trust behind the creative media studio Happy Daze Studio which churns out a bunch of epic work for fellow Kiwi brands such as GoodlidsTorpedo 7 and George & Willy

Further to being an absolute magician behind the lens, Flynn is also a master of the mish and is hugely passionate about the product and what it stands for, getting out there and hanging in nature. 

To welcome Flynn and let the Twill Outdoors whānau get to know him better we're going to put Flynn in the hot seat, or hammock so to speak, for a quick round of questions.
What's your ideal spot to hang your hammock and who are you hanging with?

Haha, Might sound a bit cliché nowadays, but honestly anywhere with sun and sea is my ideal spot! Surrounded by mates, beer in hand. Can’t beat it!
You're going on a weekend mish - what are the five absolute essentials you're not leaving without? 

  1. I love good food - and the classic snag and white death combo doesn’t quite do it for me anymore haha, the first thing i’m sorting is a few decent meals! Game changer!
  2. One spare pair of undies, no more.
  3. Gotta have the surfboard handy, ya know, just in case.
  4. A Twill hammock is a must. While the rest of the crew are sitting on the floor or on stiff camping chairs, I'm getting horizontal! Way too good.
  5. I tried to prioritize something else just to be different, but here I am… Yes I will be taking a box of beer or a bottle of wine because i’m a good Kiwi, Cheers!
I know you're working on some pretty cool stuff, I'm super keen to give our audience a bit of a sneak peek into some of the initiatives you're looking to get underway at Twill Outdoors. 

We’re definitely looking to partner up with some fellow kiwi brands who’s “Why” align with our own! We have some great connections with very exciting brands and look forward to working with them and growing together!

Although we already have the best product on the market… There's always room for improvement! We have a lot of exciting product development in the pipeline largely focused on sustainability, aesthetic and further improving the overall performance of our Hammocks.

We don’t want to be another product pushing out boring content to force a sale. We want to push out exciting content that people enjoy seeing! So a lot of good stuff to come in that space too!

Ultimately, I just want to help build this family of people who love getting outdoors and hanging in nature!

Chanui team!