Our Story

What we're about...

At Twill Outdoors we’re big fans of all the epic scenery our nation has to offer and we reckon there’s no better place to soak it all up than hanging between two trees.

We’re also passionate about making sure there’s plenty of trees to hang between - so we’ve gone ahead and created a brand that makes for the best of both worlds.

More hang-time in nature and plenty of trees to hang between...

Our flagship product the Twill Outdoors hammock has been designed with the qualities of the very trees they're hung between in mind - comfortable, durable and elegant being just a few words that lay core to the hammocks design. 

Suffice to say that we're all about soaking up as much goodness from mother nature as we can. This certainly isn't a one way street however! The driving force behind Twill Outdoors is a desire to give back to she who gives so much to us. For each hammock sold, we'll give a little love back to mother nature in the form of $5 note to a charity you guys reckon we should get behind. 


Twill - Tom and Will - brothers of the outdoors...

You know that combination of food you absolutely love that might not sound so great, but just works? Well that's how Tom and Will would describe their friendship - two vastly different humans that somehow join together to make a bloody good combo. 






Gazing out the window of his office 12 stories above Auckland, Tom dreamt there had to be a more intimate way to enjoy the view, that’s where it all started… Driven by a passion to bring a product to the people that did better for it’s users and the environment, Tom cycled through countless ideas before arriving at the hang-mock, a reimagined take on an essential kiwi product. 


After working alongside a bunch of kiwi brands to showcase their products in the most epic spots New Zealand has to offer, Will wanted to take it step further and launch a brand with its roots ingrained in the natural landscapes he called his office - quite literally the case with the Twill Outdoors Hammock.