The design of our hammocks have been carefully considered to produce a product we are very proud of. Our hammock is optimal for whatever travels or adventure lyes ahead, Whether that be hiking our beautiful landscapes, or putting the feet up in your back-yard with a glass of wine. We wanted to produce a product that everyone will love, and anyone can use. A hammock that can be put up and taken down quickly. A hammock that can hold the "I'll break that if I sit in it" guy..... and his kid. A hammock you can throw in your backpack and keep in your glove box. A hammock with no knots or complications. A way to take relaxation wherever you go. Just a simple wee package that packs a lot of punch!




Weighing a touch over 750 grams (including the heavy duty straps) - your Twill will go wherever you go and you'll never know! It was important to keep the overall weight of our hammock as low as can be. We want it to be taken with you on all your travels and adventures without slowing you down... no excuses now!







Set up is super simple and can be done in under a minute. You don't have to be an "outdoorsy person" to work one of these. There is only three parts to the hammock (straps, carabiners and the hammock) and three simple steps.

The straps have built in loops so there is no tying knots.

Simply find two strong points, then wrap, clip, and relax.

You'll be hanging in your Twill in no time! 

Visit our "Set Up" page for more information.






The strength and durability of our hammocks is one of our most key features. A hammock made for travel and adventure is expected to take a beating...

Constructed with 68gsm ripstop nylon, triple stitched seams, and heavy duty straps. Twills are the Kauri Trees of hammocks when it comes to durability.






There's room for two (or three!). Twill hammocks measure 2.4m long by 1.4m wide and are weight rated to over 200kg. With Twill there is no need to hang alone. 







Ditch the bulky camping equipment on your next mission. Twill hammocks are made from the same materials as parachutes so they pack up pretty darn well!


Everything you need fits snug into this small bag which then becomes the pocket of the hammock when set up.

For something comparable to the size of an easter egg, it sure does pack a punch. These can easily slip into your backpack or live in your glovebox.

It's no surprise they've been nicknamed the "pocket rocket hammock's"






We believe in the the longevity and resilience installed in our hammocks, so we aren't afraid to walk the walk.

Backed by a 'no funny business' lifetime warranty. She'll be hanging around until you're not!